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Tips to help your toddler sleep better at night.

A Toddler needs around 9 to 10 hours of sleep in 24 hours for adequate physical and mental development. So, night’s sleep is of utter importance especially if they are supposed to attend school in the morning. Lack of sound sleep in toddler’s leads to release of stress hormones in their body which can make them cranky and unmanageable.

So, help your Toddler recover and recharge by following the below listed tips:

Routine, Routine and Routine

The power of having a routine is HUGE! You should try and establish fixed times for dinner, going to bed, waking up etc so that your toddler’s body clock adjusts that way. For a preschooler, this is of even more importance because if your child is not well rested, he/she is definitely going to be cranky in school. 

On weekends, try to loosely stick to this schedule atleast.

Keep evenings active and engaging

Also establish an evening routine that involves some educational as well as physical activities to help them release all the pent up energy. Do not keep screen-time near bedtime as it hyperactivates their brains.

You can let them watch their favourite shows in late afternoon/ early evening. In the later part of evenings, let them have dinner followed by certain winding down activities like: bubble bath, massage, story time etc.

Pay attention to meals

Also, avoid heavy meals right before bed.always keep Dinner time at least 2.5 to 3 hours before bedtime. Warm milk contains Tryptophan and encourages good sleep.

Sleep conductive environment

A dark room with no or least possible light with no distractions like mobile phones etc is a great way to help your Toddlers and preschoolers fall asleep sooner. White noise or very soft spa music could be great, too. The temperature of the room should be comfortable enough that you s: not warm but not too chilly either. Somewhere around 25 to 26 Degrees Celsius should be enough. 


No Caffeine rich foods in evening

Chocolates, soda and coffee in any form should be discouraged in evenings because caffeine tends to stimulate the brain as well as the bladder.

Combat Bed-wetting

Reduce the quantity of fluid intake in evenings. Though, let them have plenty of fluids during the day time. Always, encourage Double voiding before retiring to bed. Also, if your toddler is not fully toilet trained, it is better to use night time diapers in toddlers. 


Do not use multiple layers of sheets or blankets

A single, medium weighted blanket should suffice to give warmth and comfort to your kid for most part of the year. Giving them their favorite stuffed toy to cuddle while sleeping also reduces the sense of fear in small kids to a good extent.


These small changes should help your child sleep better at night. However, kids with ADHD and Autism-spectrum disorders might need further help from a certified sleep- expert or your general health care practitioner. Got any more tips to share, mommies? Drop in your comments below..

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