Silent Heart Attack
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Silent heart attack – Signs and Symptoms

A silent heart attack has mild or even no signs like a normal heart attack. Yes. You read that right, and there is a type of heart attack which is silent and as deadly as the other one. A heart attack can happen even when you are sleeping or awake. So, you are at risk even while sleeping if your body is prone to cardiovascular diseases. 

The best you can do is know the symptoms and signs so that measures can be taken when danger is upon you. Below are some signs of silent heart attacks.

  1. You are suffering from flu. 
  2. There is a feeling of a sore muscle in the upper back and chest. 
  3. Your jaw, arms, neck, stomach, or upper back has an ache. 
  4. Indigestion
  5. Tiredness or fatigue. 
  6. Difficulty in breathing.
Silent Heart Attack

The symptoms can indeed vary from person to person. So even if there is a slight doubt that the discomfort is caused due to a heart attack, call an ambulance and reach the nearest hospital. However, you need to know that it is a type of thing that is better if you don’t ignore it. Because the situation can get out of your hands in seconds. 

Symptoms of a normal heart attack.

  1. Chest pain that lasts for more than just minutes. 
  2. Having a hard time breathing. 
  3. Lightheadedness. 
  4. Discomfort in the upper half of the body. 
  5. Cold sweats. 
  6. Vomiting or nausea. 
  7. Continuous tiredness. 

The risk factors that put you up for a silent heart attack.

It is very important to know the symptoms and signs of a heart attack. But what type of person is more likely to experience these symptoms? Let’s get to know more in the following points. 

  • If a person doesn’t have a schedule to exercise regularly, it will be hard to develop a good cardiovascular system. 
  • Being overweight is not a good sign. 
  • A patient with high blood pressure, high sugar, or high cholesterol. 
  • Someone who consumes too many amounts of tobacco or junk food. 
  • Too much stress can also lead to a heart attack.


We will conclude by saying that you should walk regularly if not working out, shed some extra kilos as you age. You should follow a diet and time for eating, avoid junk food and not consume Tobacco at all. Lastly life a stress free life and enjoy every day one day at a time.

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