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Replenish energy in 90 seconds

Let us look at replenishing our energy lost in workouts or rigorous training’s quickly.

Take 6 Eggs.

Break them in a bowl.

Remove 5 Egg yolks.

Keep 6 Egg whites and 1 intact Egg Yolk.

On a medium to low flame, heat a non-stick Pan.

Put 4 drops of oil (half spoon max) on the pan

Put the Egg white and yolk to make a Half fry.

Sprinkle salt, Red chili powder and Black pepper(optional)

Cover the pan with an airtight lid for exactly 90 seconds.

Remove and eat along with an Orange Juice after a workout.

Eat at least 3 times a week for better results over 3 months.

This will replenish the calcium in the body immediately.

For People in heavy work outs can take up to 24 egg whites with 1 yolk.

Please remember, 1 yolk remains 1 yolk throughout..:)

Ensure you use minimal oil for making the half fry.

This recipe is for people who tend to develop a nausea for boiled eggs after prolonged consumption. This will replenish your energy quickly.

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