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Our day of Happiness

After a tiring week, working hard to earn our bread, it brings a big smile on my face when I am with friends on Lunch/Dinner during weekends. Over a period of time it has become a practice that we meet at least once a week and this happens mostly on weekends. We always make it a point to meet up, however busy we are and unless traveling out of the station. We gather at a common decided spot, from where we move on to a small joint/café for coffee and catch up with each other about the week’s happenings. We then plan what we need to do to make the evening a very happy one.

It was one such meet and it was raining pretty heavily in summers. We generally have these pre-monsoon rains when we get half an hour of such heavy rains which make us happy at least momentarily. Later on, of course, it’s too hot. So here we were at our regular meeting place with that sudden pouring of rains. We had  our regular coffee and were wondering what to do when one of suddenly came up with an idea. We drove down to the ‘Khau Galli’ (or the food street) We left our vehicles and decided to go on a food tasting spree. We started with the hot and piping momos, then went on to have some Grilled items like the Seekh kebabs, tandoori Murgh and so on. We did not realize until after an hour that we were full to the brim and started looking for something to drink. We had some hot soups freshly made for us by the stall owner and felt better. Like small children, we then walked in the rains for about half an hour and enjoyed every bit of it, the splashes water at times and jumping in the clogged water on roads. Many passerby’s had raised eyebrows looking at a few grown up men behaving like kids. We actually looked back at the and laughed as we were having a good time all by ourselves. I could see clearly that all my friends were having a good time and all were smiling from ear to ear. We realized that we were completely drenched and could fall sick if we overdid it. So we decided to call it a day and walked back to our cars. The rains too had stopped and now we realized that it was quite a walk we would have to do in order to reach back. Since we were all there with each other none of us realized the distance we walked down and I too realized that day again that when we have good friends with us in the journey, however long the walk is, it becomes easy to cover the distance. Like my usual self I cracked jokes on the way and we all laughed back to our original meeting spot. Now we were all actually sweating as the pre-monsoon rains had stopped completely and left us sweating and thirsty. It was truly the Coca-cola International day of happiness. We all had our chilled cold drink to quench our thirst and departed with lots of memories of that evening on our smiling faces, only to meet again the next week.

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2 thoughts on “Our day of Happiness

  1. You are simply great in creativity. Your story reminded me of my time with my school friends. I have mentioned the moments of reunion, the feelings in one of my posts.

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