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Mumbai Wada Pav & Cutting Chai

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I have realised that the Mumbai Wada Pav has travelled outside Mumbai now not just to reach people but in fact become a staple food to the people there. I was at the one of the Junctions outside mumbai when I saw this small joint selling Wada Paav, Fritter( Bhaji), Bread pakoda and a nearby stall selling cutting chai. The crowd never stopped coming in and the stall owner told me that he sells over 4000 wada alone in a single day. Here are some clicks..

Wada pav stall 1

Wada pav stall 2

Wada pav stall 3

























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20 thoughts on “Mumbai Wada Pav & Cutting Chai

  1. UK – imagine having vada pav at Dilli Haat! I had fun 🙂 man, am I madly in love with vada pav or what… :p
    Btw – would love to get your feedback on my posts… 🙂 thanks!

    1. Yes Archana, I keep reading yours. I am sure you will be winning some contests in the near future..Great style of writing you have..:)

    1. Yes Shweta, be it Winter or Summer, the Wada pav and Chai are inseparable from Mumbai..:)

  2. I think Mumbai is pioneer city for Vada Pav. Almost working people eating vada pav . Nice information with pictures. Raining and vada pav better combination !!!

  3. My Fav. Whenever I go to Mumbai, I never forget Vada Pav 😀

    BTW, Hearty congratulations for the win… 🙂

    1. Thanks Mani…so much delay had happened on the results that I had almost given up…and then the surprise came. 🙂
      Next time you are in Mumbai, we will have a Wada paav and cutting chai together.

  4. I was in Mumbai for an internship last year and for the entire 1.5 months I had vada pao for breakfast at the station while going for work. Loved it!
    I was surprised to find vada paos on sale at the 24×7 outlets here in Delhi. They are priced four times more than their Mumbai station outlets though! 😀

    1. Yes Antarik, only Mumbai sells Wada pav at Rs.10-Rs.12 as of now in India.. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Yes Ragini. Now there are few brands which have emerged like chain joints with over 50-60 outlets all over mumbai.

  5. I had been to Mumbai once, and seriously, I didn’t like this Wada Paav stuff. It was just a bread stuffed with some sabji or you can blame that vendor for the experience.

    I really struggled to get some good food in Mumbai. During my visit to Siddhi Vinayak, I ordered grilled sandwitches in one of the shops right besides the temple, and after it get served, I swear to my ownself to not eat anything else.

    The Pooriwala nearby to CST and the food joints that are there in Juhu, were awesome. Apart from that, I ordered food at Fort, Churchgate and many other places and promised myself to not visit that shop in this lifetime.

    1. Next time you come to Mumbai, I will tell you where to hog. I am sure you will not want to leave mumbai after that.. 🙂

    1. This was somewhere in Dadar Lalbaugh area last year, Neha…I guess. I click randomly what attracts my attention. 🙂

  6. Yes, Vadapav is something that outsiders generally ask me. While I was put in Noida, my boss would ask me about Vada Pav and asked me to bring it for him when I get back from Mumbai to Office. Weird! But they were fond of it and cutting chai is something that is also available elsewhere!

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