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KK overcomes his fear.

As he got down at the Pisa-San Giusto “Galileo Galilei” Airport or the PISA airport, he already had a slightly increased heartbeat. The eagerness was not to meet his arch enemy Luca Brasi and terminate him but was to reach him. KK had a reputation to break inside the impregnable looking bastions of the most powerful drug lords across the world and could break into any terrorist camps too but this was different. He knew to reach Luca would not be as easy as he had reached the others. As he got in the awaiting Jeep Renegade, he instructed the driver to take him straight to Cinque Terre where Luca lived surrounded by 200 armed men 24 hours a day. He was in Italy for only 3 days and would again go to Australia where it would be difficult to take a hit on him. So he had 3 days to eliminate Luca and KK never wanted a 2nd day in Italy. So he knew he had to do the job tonight. The only disturbing aspect was Cinque Terre.!! Why? What was so difficult about Cinque Terre? Well the answer is simple. Cinque Terre is a cliff top residence composed of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, five small villages built on a precarious stretch of rocky Liguria coast in Italy. Getting out is as difficult as getting in with 200 men guarding Luca Brasi and only accessible by train (as it’s a car free area), an eco-friendly bus, a bike or on foot. The other option is a ferry around the area and get dropped under the cliff, climb it and reach Lucas Mansion directly, kill him and get out of the same route if his 200 guards have not killed you till then.

He was always afraid of heights and especially when it came to rock climbing, he knew he lacked the courage to get on top without the fear factor staying with him all the way. He needed motivation alright so he pulled out his Tab and watched the famous Mountain Dew advertisements to boost himself up. He watched both the Tamil and the Telugu versions, though he did not understand the dialect. But as they say, courage has only one language and fear has none. The video was something like this:

He mustered courage and started climbing the steep cliff. Just before doing so he breathed in deeply telling himself that he was the Ace spy of the country and he knew he had a reputation to live up to. His muscles flexed and focus set, he started climbing the cliff and it took him about 40 minutes to reach the top. It was pitch dark and he knew he was in striking distance of Luca Brasi. He decided to take a rest for a while. The climb was tough and he was tired physically pulling himself up for almost 40 minutes, sometimes only getting a foothold on the his toe tips. But he had overcome his fear eventually and fought it off successfully to reach his goal. He was no more worried about the strength of the 200 guarded men and the impregnable fortress of Luca Brasi. He wiped his forehead and emptied the contents of his backpack, which had all the essentials the ace spy needed to eliminate his enemy. He strapped himself up with the gadgets and had enough firepower to blow the entire fortress of Luca if need arose, though he wanted to do a quiet job and wanted Lucas men to find out that he was dead only in the morning hours. He moved stealthily in to the room where Luca was sleeping, like a Leopard approaching its prey. What had he planned next?

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