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Indeed, Fantastico Experience.

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Many years post my first flight in 1995, many flights post my first flight to Goa, I had the opportunity to travel with a bunch of young  fellow bloggers who were traveling the first time in an Aircraft. I could see them twiddling their fingers and knew that they were nervous. I decided to compare my experience of 1995 with the one of today. As we entered the Airport, I closed my eyes and recollected the Airport of 1995. The reservation counters had increased, the security was tighter, the Airport was more crowded. There was so much of noise everywhere and I knew how much things had changed over the past 2 Decades. I have travelled multiple times in between but never thought this way as I was always alone or with colleagues who were frequent Travelers. I was in a way thankful to these new companions as they were giving me food for thought. I kept watching them closely as we boarded the aircraft and saw the same anxiety in them, which no one wanted to show, though. I decided to experience the same with them and I closed my eyes as the aircraft Taxied on the runway just before the flight and recollected my first flight. As the flight took off I could see the take off, was much smoother than it was 20 years back, maybe the technology had improved, maybe the aircraft were better. I am not the machine guy so I don’t get into the engineering of these things. I am more concerned as a user of the machine and I can compare the comfort factors. The Pilot was more friendly as compared to the one who had flown me in 1995 and he was also good at #Navigation.


I could see some sharp turns from my window seat after reaching a height and before landing. He seemed to know his job very well and even the air turbulence had reduced when I compared it with what I had experienced it then. As the plane landed and touched the airstrip, I even compared the #Impact and felt it less painful to a first time traveler. My young colleagues seemed more relaxed and some of them were even enjoying some #Peppy #Music with their earphones on during the flight. The generation of today is more fearless than what we were 20 years back. Like the technology, the mindset and generation too had changed and it was good to see the positive change all around. After we checked out of the airport and proceeded to the Hotel, I remembered my old Italian friend who had smiled , shaken hands with me and said in his heavily accented English, “Thank you for the #Fantastico Experience in India”. I smiled and followed the others to the waiting cabs humming “#Fantastico, #Fantastico, #Fantastico “ all the way to the Hotel to have yet another experience along with the other bloggers what we called as a Fantastico experience.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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  1. Hey UK,

    Seems like someone really inspired you to write this post.. 😛 😛 😛

    Great post, I must say and could relate to few things as well as relive my first flight experience I had just couple of days back..


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