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How to Reduce Food Wastage in Your Home

How to Reduce Food Wastage in Your Home

Food wastage is sadly a worldwide problem. Right from big hotels to restaurants to food delivery chains to our homes, it is unfortunate that food goes waste while there are innumerable homeless people out there in the world sleeping on an empty stomach each night. They say Charity begins at home. It is necessary that we start making some changes in the way we store, handle and cook food to reduce food wastage in our home. We must start fighting food wastage back in our own ways, contributing to the society and earth, and create a better world to live in.

Let’s see some tips about it…

Reduce Food Wastage


We sometimes get carried away when we go to the supermarket and end up buying things in bulk. As a result, we overstock on perishable items like fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. The end result often is rotten items that need to be thrown away. So, do not clutter or over-stock food items in your fridge and pantry. Buy what you need and when you need it. Take advantage of grocery shopping apps, avail deals and do not end up losing money in the form of food items getting waste.


No matter, you are at home or eating out in a restaurant always try to serve a smaller quantity of food in one go. You can always take it later if you like a particular thing.

 In this way, you can save the wastage on your plate as the excess has to go the bin. The leftover food, that is not over-served, can be stored and reheated for the next meal.


 Yes, we all have leftover food items that we often tend to trash but do you know that you can make awesome recipes with leftover food? 

For example:

  •  Leftover bread pieces can be made into a tasty dessert called shahi tukda.
  • Cake crumbs are great for garnishing desserts 
  • Sabjee from last night can be stuffed in Parathas and sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Use leftover milk to knead the flour.
  • Use leftover curd to make soft cheelas.


You can do weekly meal planning on paper or using mobile apps. It is a simple and efficient way to purchase what you actually require and to avoid splurging on items that are not needed in the following week.

 Also, if you require something in a smaller amount, or if anything is of perishable nature, then you must purchase it at a lesser quantity. 


The crux of food wastage is the perishable nature of food. It stored badly, it turns stale sooner

 You must know how to store your fruits, veggies, meats and other things in a proper way to make it last longer.

For instance, I find piling fruits and veggies together causes them to turn bad due to pressure and poor circulation, both in and out of the fridge.

Use separate baskets for fruits and veggies and buy in a limited quantity only. To store lentils, pulses, spices, etc always use airtight containers.


This could be something as simple as donating food to somebody who works at your home or building like sweepers, domestic help, etc. 

If you own a restaurant, hotel or supermarket, tie-up with NGOs that pick up items that are near expiry or leftover prepared meals from your doorstep and donate them to the needy.

These are the various ways you can reduce the wastage of food in your home. Let us know about your reflection on the issue and other tips to stop food wastage in the comment section below.

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