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How to improve your respiratory health

WHO says people with underlying medical conditions, especially respiratory diseases, are at higher risk of catching the COVID-19 infection and getting affected by it. Respiratory diseases include asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, lung cancer, and every disease that affects the lungs. However, people affected by these diseases can stay safe by taking certain precautionary measures. They can incorporate breathing exercises into their routine to improve their respiratory health.

Measures to improve respiratory health

Quit Smoking

Respiratory Health

If you are smoking, you are making your lungs weak. Coronavirus attacks your lungs, and if your lungs are not strong enough, you won’t be strong enough to fight the infection. On the contrary, if your lungs are fully functional, it helps your body eliminate the virus with minor medical attention or no attention.

Stay away from the people who smoke

Some people don’t listen. No matter how much you ask them to quit smoking, they don’t heed any warning. But do you know, passive smoking can also affect your lungs adversely? Yes, please maintain distance from the people who smoke. If someone in your home is a chronic smoker, consider isolating yourself and other family members to other rooms.

Avoid pollution

If you live in an area where air pollution is prevalent, keep your doors and windows closed during the wee hours. Air pollution touches the peak during the wee hours because of the huge road traffic.

Eat a balanced diet

Respiratory Health

Yes, what you eat also affects your respiratory health. Make sure every meal you eat is vitamin and fiber-rich.

Maintain cleanliness

Clean your house regularly. If you don’t dust your house enough, lots of dust will accumulate in every corner of your home. The dust particles can enter your respiratory system, constantly making you feel sick.

Perform breathing exercises daily

Exercises like Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom improve your respiratory health. These exercises have several other health benefits as well. By performing these exercises regularly for 10-12 minutes each, you can improve your lungs’ capacity to several folds.

Breathe fresh oxygen

Your brain and other parts of your body need fresh oxygen to perform normally. Morning air is a clean source of oxygen, so wake up early in the morning to breathe in some fresh oxygen.

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