Diwali Super Bloggers Contest 2017
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Diwali Super Bloggers Contest 2017

What is the Contest bout?

Diwali is the festival of lights and togetherness. The festival is celebrated across India where the houses are lit with beautiful diyas and other handy decorations. A lot of Indian traditional sweets are prepared during this time along with some great snacks.

While the range of sweets prepared at homes varies based on the culture or tradition followed in that particular region, however, the tradition of celebrating this festival often remains the same. This is the time of the year when we present ourselves and our family members with new stuff. It’s also the time for a fresh start and this is the very reason why people buy new things during Diwali including clothes and other household items.

Well, Diwali is one of the most loved festivals in the country and I enjoy it a lot. I don’t favor firecrackers during this festival which has become a trend in the past few decades. I believe Diwali is not about crackers but love and togetherness among family and friends.

So, on this Diwali, we have decided to host a contest on FashionableFoodz!

We call it Diwali Super Bloggers Contest and invite all bloggers to be a part of it.

Diwali Super Bloggers Contest 2017How to participate in the Diwali Super Bloggers Contest?

All you need is to write or share a post about Diwali written on your blog. Let us know how you celebrate Diwali with your family and friends via that post. You can share your best memories about Diwali within the blog. You can also share your social media post with the #foodietweeter hashtag.

Guidelines for the Diwali Super Bloggers Contest:

  1. Write a unique blog post or social media post around Diwali.
  2. Share the link with us using the Link.up button above!
  3. Share the post on social media with the #foodietweeter hashtag.
  4. Tag at least 2 friends to participate.
  5. Comment and share others post.
  6. Quality of post and engagement both will be measured.

How will be the winners decided?

The winners will be decided merely on the post engagement and the quality of the post. I will personally read each and every post. I will choose the top 5 posts among them based on user engagement and quality of the post.


You will receive an Instagram shout-out from our FashionableFoodz Insta profile.

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