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Fashionable and Trendy Ways to Perfectly Wear a White Eyeliner

With so many make up products making their way into the market, the hottest make up accessory you should always have on you is a white eyeliner. Whether it’s applied on the eyelids or the inner corner of the lower eyelids, they help make quite a fashion statement. They add a nice edgy touch to an otherwise regular look because of black eyeliner.

If you’re thinking of experimenting your makeup feats and want to try something new, try these ways of effortlessly wearing a white eyeliner that will help you look chic and sophisticated:

Cat Eye

Who said that cat eye looks can only be achieved with a black liner? You can make a bold fashion statement by simply wearing a white liner on the top of your eyelids and getting a bit dramatic by achieving a winged look. Keep the rest of the eye bear for white liner to do the talking and capture the attention you need.


The Twin Look

If you feel an all-white liner is bare for your eyes, you can add some sass by mixing up a black and white liner. Apply the black liner as usual, you can even opt for a cat eye look with the black eyeliner. To this, add a layer of white liner on top of the black layer to give it that perfect finish.  The trick to good eye makeup is using reliable and branded products and you can find a range of white and black eyeliners using nykaa coupons to help you achieve the perfect party look you’ve always wanted. You’ll look like someone out of a magazine and shouldn’t be surprised for the glances you gather.













The Inner Eye Look

This look will help you add a nice mystical touch to your look and allow you to look quite enchanting. Use a black eye pencil and liner as usual, but use the white liner to highlight the inner corners of your eyes for that dramatic and stunning effect. This look will surely be a different twist to your usual all black look.


Lower Eye Lid/ Water Line

This is another look that will help you add a bit of drama to your eye makeup. Proceed with the black eyeliner as usual, making your eyes pop by using kohl, liner and mascara to really bring out your eyes. The additional touch will be by covering the lower lids in white liner which will help you achieve a perfect look! Complete your show stopper look by using jabong coupons where you get not just make up products from top brands, but also the most outstanding outfits and set the world on fire with your feisty looks!


Wing Plus Inner Eye Corner Is Perfection

This look is perfect for those who don’t want to mix up black with white and want to keep it simple yet add some extra oomph. Create a white winged look and highlight the inner corner of your eyes as well. This will really help your eyes pop and come alive whether you’re hitting a day party or an evening event.


Color it Up

This might be the most dramatic look you go in for. You can really go ahead and highlight your eyes with eyeshadow which are loud, glittery and glossy and tone it down a little with a white eyeliner which you can use on the water line. The look will be dramatic to the core and you will really stand out with this technique.








These tips with a white eyeliner and eye pencil will help you overcome mundane and monotonous eye makeup and really bring out the sass you’ve always wanted.

The above is a Guest post by friend Neha Chaudhary from CashKaro.com

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