Here they come Kolkata.

August 31, 2016 0

¬†Sweeten those sweet people of Kolkata with 5 cakes Kolkata is known to be the cultural capital of India. From the sprawling Howrah Bridge to the beautiful Victoria Memorial Hall, you would find the stamps of rich cultural heritage scattered everywhere. Food is one of those striking areas from where […]

Best Green Tea Online

August 30, 2016 2

I was introduced to Green tea by a friend a few years back and instantly liked the taste and the habit being a personal Food Nutritionist myself. Today I will be giving a recipe and benefits of Green Tea and places where to source it from. Recipe Get 2 cups […]

A Sweet Affair

August 26, 2016 2

It was last year that I had forgotten my Wedding anniversary completely as I was away due to work assignment. It struck to me at midnight when I got calls wishing me that it was our anniversary.¬† I woke up the next morning wondering how and what I could do […]

If Best B’wood films were made by Ekta Kapoor

August 24, 2016 0

Bolly Masala Fun in a lighter vein: I have often imagined a lethal, deadly and out of the world combination in Bollywood. Ekta Kapoor directing an epic movie in her serials making style. Just imagine what would happen to a Damini or a Sholay if Ekta would direct it in […]

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