Food Blogging with a new Lens

December 8, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

It all started with my Food blogging passion. I am recreating recipes, travelling all over to taste the food and learn new culinary arts. Whenever I stumble upon a beautifully plated dish, I take out my professional camera and click snaps of the same which could use on my blog […]

Italian Cheesy Dip

December 4, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 14

Indian food has always accepted the Chinese Cuisine from the last few decades but our exposure to Italian cuisine was limited and we were all wary to try Italian dishes. Over the last decade we have not only accepted the Italian food but have also started using their spice mix and […]

#IFBA Awards 2016.

December 3, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

The Indian Food Bloggers Awards or #IFBA as it is popularly known, is the only Award in India till date for Food loggers which brings together Food Bloggers, celebrities and the TOP chefs from the Indian Culinary community. It is an annual awards ceremony that aims to recognize and celebrate […]

Kanishka Restaurant – A honest Review

November 29, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 14

The famous Kanishka Veg Restaurant – Jacob Circle (opposite Haji Ali) started operations in 1992-93 and is a Landmark at Haji Ali Junction. Many office going executives meet here over lunch and take a quick meal. It is a highly crowded and popular joint for all Veg food lovers here. […]

Eating Bull – A honest Review.

November 24, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

I bought this copy on the recommendation of a friend and was wondering what I would find inside. Carrie Rubin has also written another Seneca Scourge which I had read and really enjoyed it. Thrillers have always kept me engrossed and because it was related to food, Obesity and the […]

Our Food Moments

November 19, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

It was one of those tough rainy days in Mumbai (Rains this year have continued right up to October) when I could neither go out, nor focus on my work as the Net connection was too poor. It was pouring outside and no one of us could concentrate on work. […]


November 18, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

It goes without saying that my Jug is my best friend for over 17 years and a wife for 16 years.  17 years of excitement, happiness, sorrows, joys, anxiety, pressure and sharing all together is an experience itself. I have this feeling of sharing almost everything with her and I […]

Paneer Schezwan Stir fry

November 17, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 22

We always look for improvising and innovating traditional and contemporary dishes in order to bring out something new which appeals to our taste buds and which is healthy too. So when this original Schezwan recipe came to me, I immediately started thinking of ingredients and vegetable to add in it […]

Celebrating Pug Love

November 14, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 14

The cakes always appeal to one and all and we just keep looking for occasions to bake/buy and eat a cake. Since we ran out of birthdays and anniversaries, we decided to do some unique exercise to celebrate an occasion as well as fulfill our cravings to eat a cake. […]

D’lecta Bloggers Meet & Workshop

November 10, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 16

D’lecta and HumBhiChef organized a Bloggers meet along with a Baking workshop and I decided to polish my baking skills by attending it. The experience was awesome and I met fellow bloggers and friends Shalini Digvijay from baketitude , Gauri Kamath from Misal pao and Aarthi Basrur of Gastronomicflight after a long […]

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