What are the healthiest ways of cooking food?
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What are the healthiest ways of cooking food?

It’s true that the quality of the food that you consume is decided not only by the ingredients that you select but also the way you cook food. Opting for healthier alternatives such as hi-fibre multi-grain variants or whole grain bread produced by renowned companies such as Modern Foods is definitely the way to go. But if you are consuming it fried, then there’s an issue. And since there are innumerable ways to cook food, one can often find himself or herself wondering whether this technique will yield a healthy meal or that one. While there’s a prevalent notion that consuming food raw is the best way to absorb all its nutrients, science suggests that heating properly can certainly benefit certain foods such as spinach, tomatoes or carrots by unlocking their antioxidants. It is easy to realize that frying food in lots of oil is definitely not an option. But some cooking techniques are definitely much healthier than others. What are the healthiest ways of cooking food? Let’s discover which ones:


What are the healthiest ways of cooking food?Boiling:

Although boiling can wash away a majority of water-soluble vitamins if the temperatures reach too high or the volume of water is too much, it is a relatively easy method to cook food and one hardly ever goes wrong with it. However, many researchers suggest that it is a superior technique to steaming or frying when it comes to vegetables like zucchini, broccoli or carrots.


It’s easy to get confused between boiling and poaching since both the techniques are essentially similar. However, the major difference lies in the quantity of water used and the temperature. In poaching, food is cooked in a smaller quantity of water and below boiling temperature. This is usually the best method to cook food variants considered to be delicate, such as eggs or fish.


Studies suggest that microwaving is the best way to keep nutrients retained and undestroyed in vegetables. There is also the added advantage of not using extra oils while microwaving, thus keeping food away from the harmful effects of oil. Essentially, microwaving is highly effective since it involves heating the food via radio waves which effectively penetrate the food and heat it from inside out. Add to it the fact that a microwave can be used to cook just about anything, and we have one of the most perfect cooking techniques for ourselves.


Because steaming involves cooking in an enclosed environment that is permeated with steam, it avoids using added fats for moisturizing the food to be cooked. Also, unlike microwaving, it does not dry out the food during preparation. And it is only second to microwaving in locking the flavors and preserving the nutrients of the ingredients.

A combination of healthy food choices and healthy cooking techniques can enable you to enjoy optimally nutritious and high-quality meals. And before you proceed to change your everyday cooking technique, you should incorporate healthy food alternatives in your and your family’s diet.  Modern Foods offer a variety of highly nourishing cholesterol free bread taking care of the nutrition requirement of adults as well as kids. It is hard to convince kids sometimes to drink their milk and eat their veggies. The idea is to serve them food in form delicious delicacies from Modern Foods bread such as Milk Plus and Hi Fibre Brown Bread.

So these are the healthiest ways of cooking food. Do leave your comments if you have any inputs.



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