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Tips to control Sugar Cravings

Consumption of refined sugars is responsible for a host of diseases in body including inflammatory syndromes, Diabetes, heart diseases etc. So, if you are a self-diagnosed sugar addict there are some changes you ought to make before the damage to your body becomes beyond the scope of repair. Here are some tips to control your Sugar Cravings.

Stock your kitchen with healthier alternatives

Where do you go running when you suddenly get a hunger pang? Your kitchen or your fridge, right? So why not stock it up with only healthy options or rather relatively healthier options. When you put the unhealthy options out of sight, they are going to be out of your mind as well. Here are some switches, I suggest:

Replace candies with Berries

Switch Chocolate with Dark chocolate

Chips with seeds- nuts mix 

Switch Regular milk with double toned milk

Cold drinks with vegetable/ fruit smoothies

Switch Ice cream with frozen Yogurt

Soda with Coconut water 

At the end of the day, you will eat only what is available. So, why not stock up with the right things?

Sugar Cravings

Don’t try to quit Sugar in a single go

Trying to quit all at once has been a recipe to disaster for me, always. So, reduce gradually. Lessen your carbs/ sugar intake to 70 percent first then to 50 percent in coming weeks. The point is, go slow but steady.

Curb cravings

You must satisfy the sugar cravings with the real sugar that comes with a host of vitamins, minerals and fiber in form of fruits, dry fruits like Raisins, Dried Berries, Dates etc. What we need to cut down on is the refined sugar since that has no nutritional value and goes straight to the blood stream contributing only to empty calorie intake.


Most of the time the cravings arise from a lack of water in body. Keep a bottle handy at all times and keep sipping through the day. You can enhance the benefits of water by making detox waters. To quench thirst in summers, go for unsweetened lemonade and Jal jeera. Spiced buttermilk is an Excellent option too.

Gut Health

There are Trillions of Bacteria present in our gut. So, it is important to feed them the right things. Consuming lots of sugar means these bacteria in our gut get to party on the Glucose! The result is, you end up craving even more. So, improve your gut health by consuming probiotic foods like: yogurt, kefir or take supplements after consulting your Doctor.  

Lack of sleep 

Sleeping for a good 7-8 hours at a stretch at nighttime is very important. Lack of sleep leads to a low energy, lethargic body in daytime. The brain signals our body for some instant energy by messing with normal hormonal balance hence increasing the Sugar cravings. One tip to achieve good sleep, create a cozy bedroom and ditch the gadgets at least an hour before sleeping.

Sugar Cravings

Choose the right food categories.

Include more natural Protein like Paneer, Tofu, Fish and good fat foods in your diet. Do not fall for low fat packaged foods. Consuming good fats like seeds, nuts and even little Ghee in moderation to improve uptake of fat soluble vitamins in body.

Sugar Cravings

Similarly, High fiber foods are known to curb cravings. Include Chia seeds, salads, oats, quinoa and daliya in your diet as much as possible. Complex carbohydrates serve the purpose of releasing Sugar slowly in your body rather than causing sugar spikes.

So, guys it is not always the lack of willpower that is keeping you from ditching Sugar and shedding those extra pounds. At times, one of the above factors could be a major contributory factor as well. Watch out where you are going wrong and be fit! 

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