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How do children add magic to your vacation? The answer is relatively simple. Keep them happy and they keep you happy and make your vacation memorable. After all, the prime motive in a vacation is to make the child /children happy and by seeing the joy on their faces in turn makes us happy. Many times it has happened that I am smiling unknowingly to myself looking at my child when he is happy and smiling and someone else has clicked a snap and shown it to me. That is how I have come to know the true joy seen in the parents face seeing their child happy.

I am not a counselor to give any kind of advice to you all but will rather narrate a Vacation taken some time back where I found true joy and happiness and felt every penny (read Dirhams) I spent was worth it. This was a sudden trip, which happened to Dubai. We were contemplating between Chennai and Dubai. Chennai was an easier option due to less travel headache compare to Dubai with less paperwork, but ended up finally choosing Dubai as my son insisted on it and I did not have the heart to refuse him .

As luck would have had it, we were very late to reach the Airport and almost missed our flight and I saw my son a bit stressed. We heaved a sigh of relief when we got in the Aircraft and somewhere inside I knew that I had to make up for this to my child. He was very happy once we got down at Sharjah International Airport and my friends took him immediately to have a Big double scoop cone Ice cream and that thawed the heat. He seemed more relaxed. We stayed over at my friend’s place and had a light dinner as it was already late. We retired to bed as we had to get up early.

Keeping my child’s wants and likings in mind, I had planned my trip. We got up at 6 am and drove to the Jumeirah beach                , something which all would love.

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Clear waters, pleasant in the early morning hours and lot to swim. He freaked out for his life and we had to pull him out by 9.30 when it started getting hotter( Dubai gets hot by 10am and you can get out in the open only post 5pm) We came back to the friend’s house and took a wash and left to shop. Since the early morning was fun filled for him, he didn’t mind our shopping and was busy amusing himself at the malls we went. We had dinner outside and came home and crashed out.

The next morning I had planned a surprise for him and took him to kidzania. We left early from home so that he could enjoy. The kids are admitted the whole day and there are all fun activities which teach them some basics too.

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We continued with our shopping and sight seeing and went late that night to collect him. Was past 10pm and he reluctantly walked out though tired. I could see the joy on his face and this was turning out to be the vacation he had wanted. He slept in the car itself and skipped even his dinner. He slept on till noon the next day and was all smiles when he got up, We took rest the whole day and went out to local malls in the evening for a while and cooked some traditional dishes in veg and non-veg for our hosts. They were more than happy to have so much of home cooked food.

I checked out with him and his happiness quotient was at its peak and asked me if we could eat some Indian food outside as we were mainly eating Lebanese and Arabic food outside. We did the regular sight seeing  of Burj Khaleefa and saw the dancing fountain a few times. He thoroughly enjoyed it. We too had a great time with the kids and then moved on to Sarvana Bhavan at Al Karama and had some southern Indian food which he wanted to have.

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That day too, he was very happy and it showed. We knew by now that the best way to make any vacation worthwhile was to make out child happy and ensure that he enjoys it his way. So we allowed him to talk to his friend (my friend’s son) and surf the net and tell us where all to go over the next few days of our stay. They zeroed in on Burj Al Arab and the cheesecake factory.

Image 103

We happily took them there. Being a food blogger and a self trained chef helps and I am allowed in the kitchen at most places. So I was happy to take the kids inside and get them a quick lesson on baking. They spent the last day of our stay in Dubai making a cake for us to say a “Thank you” for what we had done for them.

Image 105

Little did they realize that we had done all this during this vacation to see them happy. I believed all his curiosity and his expectations were met and the way he clinged to me while coming back saying those sweet words of thanks told me that indeed he had enjoyed his vacation. Since my son had a great time, We had a great time too. I have made plans to take him through Club Mahindra the next time to make his next vacation equally enjoyable.

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