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Skin care for the Baby

The following are 5 simple tips to keep the baby’s skin soft and safe.

Skin care for the baby is a must. A baby may develop rashes faster than anything else, mostly because of the use of Diapers again, which happen due to the quality of diapers used and the wet diapers left on the baby unchanged. The best way to take care of rashes is to let them be open to natural air. Most importantly, all diapers should be changed immediately as soon as they are wet.

Cradle cap can show up during the first few months of the baby’s cradle days, which is due to the excess oil applied on the baby’s scalp. The best way is to see a paediatrician who will recommend special shampoos and oils as treatment of this possible skin problem. The best solution is to use minimum oil on the baby’s scalp in the initial days. Likewise, when giving a bath, ensure that the baby is wiped with a warm sponge and for not more than 3-4 minutes. Don’t let the baby play in the water as he/she may quickly get skin rashes due to the water. Pat dry after the bath instead of rubbing the baby skin. Use the best age old method of a gentle massage with a suitable body massage oil.

The neck, armpit and diaper area are prone to forming prickly heat bumps which may cause a lot of irritation to the baby. Try and dress the baby in layers so that as the temperature increases same can be reduced or removed to expose a single layer of fabric on the baby’s body. Try and use loose fitting and well aerated clothes for the baby so that this problem of prickly heat does not persist.

Avoid usage of talcum powder on the baby skin to keep it safe. Babies tend to inhale the smallest of the talcum powder particle which may not be good for the baby’s health. Since the best talc may have ingredients not suiting your baby’s soft skin, it is best to avoid Talcum powder at a tender age.

Use the mildest detergent available in the market to wash the baby clothes, fabrics, bed sheets, pillow covers or any other material which may come in contact with the Baby’s soft skin. Besides this avoid taking the baby out in the sun uncovered to keep the baby skin soft and healthy. Use baby sunscreen recommended by your doctor if it’s extremely important to go out in the sun with your baby.

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