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Honey Diet- A Sweeter alternative

This post is for all the Men and women who want to hit the gym but have held back due to some reservations and have been brooding over the decision of not having a Fit body. I have been a fitness freak for the last 8-10 years and train extensively at the Gym for about 3 hours twice a week. Having said this I also would want to add that I started Gym at the age of 35 which in no means an early age to start. I was out of serious gym due to other work commitments for last 3 months and had decided to join back in October.

It took me about 12 days to convince myself that I really needed to go back there and cut the flab I had put on. Excess weight of 5kgs.!!! Once that was done, the next thing was to pull the mass out of the bed early morning for the trainings which is the most difficult Hurdle when you restart. I was in the same state as a person who wanted to start workouts in life. I advise you guys to follow the same routine I have mentioned below for exercises and Diet in Breakfast.

I chose a Saturday to join back and managed to hit the Gym at 7am sharp. I woke up at about 6am (It’s necessary to get up an hour early) freshened up and came to the breakfast table. I had 4 slices of brown bread and with Half cup milk with  a dash of honey(milk takes time to digest so don’t have too much) In case you are a non-veg eater, go for 4 Boiled egg whites else pop a 250 mg calcium tab. Eventually come on a Honey Diet to lose that excess flab and get Fit with regular workouts.

Walked down to the Gym so that you get in the mood of workouts (avoid taking a car / bike on the first day as it would bring the lethargy to the Gym). Also ensure that the walk is brisk and not a stroll.

Once in the Gym, with the music and the atmosphere, you get in the groove and one tends to speed up his/her normal activities. Avoid getting hyperactive and focus on what you have come to do (people often look at the better shapes in the gym and try imitating them) Please do not follow someone else’s exercise regime. He/she may be doing it for donkeys years now and so is doing it easily. Besides keeping telling yourself every 5 minutes that you have come back after a long break.:)

Do the regular stretching for neck (very important) and arms swing. This will help you warm up the upper body. Don’t bother about the lower body, it’s already in the gear due to your brisk walk to the gym.

Put on your workout shoes, Keep a fresh Large Towel Handy and a small bottle of water mixed with a pinch of salt and a dash of lime. This will keep you on your feet if you feel exhausted. Remember to carry a small bottle and not a Can..:)

Start with a 20 minutes cardio on a Treadmill. 4 drills of 5 mins each or 2 drills of 10 mins if you can keep up the stamina (one loses stamina faster when away from Gym for over a month) Every drill will have a 3 minute slow run with no incline, 1 minute on medium run with 3/6 incline and then 1 minute of heavy running with no incline. After the Treadmill is done, relax for a minute, have a small sip of water.

Change your gym shoes and walk back home (this should be a stroll and not a brisk walk). Since it is the first day. Increase your workouts slowly as days pass and take rest after every drill.

Run for a shower exactly 30 minutes after you did your last Drill.:)

Have a Glass full of water only after 60 minutes of the last drill if you have done abdomen exercises. Avoid sugary cereals, sweets, pastries, fried product in the morning breakfast/meal, have a Honey Diet instead (check http://www.daburhoney.com for details). If you have to rush to work or in a hurry sending children to school eating any of these above will cause sudden highs and crash in sugar levels leading to hunger pangs, mind fuzziness and even fatigue before Lunch. One tends to gobble up junk or eat more to overcome this during lunch causing afternoon post lunch dozing which is extremely harmful. At the most a power nap is advised if you are in a high stressed environment of work.

Have a low fat, Low sugar, fiber rich breakfast instead. Too much fatty food will cause obesity, stroke and cancer. You realize that you have increased in size and dimensions and feel embarrassed. In order to avoid this and cut the flab off, eat fruits/raw veg salad, Poha, Chapati/multi grain bread, oatmeal, skimmed milk, Idli with veg curry (no coconut chutney) etc. Have a balanced healthy diet instead of a crash diet which may not help in the long run.

In case you have questions, please feel free to ask here. I will reply.

Eat Healthy, Stay FIT..!!!:)

Uttpal K

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