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10 Health Benefits of Coconut Everyone Should Know

Coconuts have recently achieved the tag of being a superfood by many nutritionists. With the limelight, people are gushing about the health benefits of coconut water and benefits of coconut meat and how it holds power to enhance beauty. Not too long ago, coconuts held the bad reputation of having high cholesterol content and status of artery clogging.

But, after thorough research, the healing powers of this fantastic fruit came to light. In the Southern part of Indian, people are using coconut extensively in their daily cuisines. If you are looking for one fruit that helps you look and feel beautiful, then coconut will take care of all your needs.

Benefits of Eating Coconut every day

Coconut contains the high amount of saturated fats which is proven beneficial to maintain a healthy heart. The Medium Chain Triglycerides fatty acids present in the coconut when consumed get quickly absorbed in the liver and turned into ketone bodies which later converts into energy. Some research says that it holds healing effect for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy.

Health Benefits of Coconut

To give you a deeper insight we have listed down most significant health benefits of coconut:

High Fiber Content:

One of the main advantages of consuming coconut meat is the whopping 61% of fiber content present in the fruit. This aids body to slow down the release of glucose and transport the fat cells which can then converted into energy. Coconut meat is proven to improve pancreas function and reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

Boosts immunity:

Coconut contains anti-bacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral properties. All you have do is get fresh coconut and drink to relish all the health benefit of coconut water. Coconut water is proven effective to fight urinary tract infection, throat infection, bronchitis or any ailments caused due to microbes. A pregnant woman should consume coconut water as it is an excellent source of minerals which aids the development of the child. Hence, it is an immunity booster for all.

Energy Booster:

One of the best benefits of eating coconut every day is it’s an excellent source of energy that helps in shedding all that extra calories. Yes, coconut oil contains triglycerides that work on ketone which reduce your appetite in a balanced way. Also, it promotes healthy thyroid function which keeps you active for more extended hours. For those who are struggling to control comfort eating should try using coconut oil to help healthy weight loss.

Body Hydrator:

Coconut water contains electrolytes which are a great hydrating agent for the body. When you engage in sports activity or a strenuous workout, the body loses its water content. Hydrate the body the body with fresh coconut water that is tastier, loaded with nutrients and boost the immune system. It will also replenish vitamins and minerals that were lost from the body through sweat.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Improve Cholesterol Level:

Using Coconut oil is found to improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases. As coconut contain saturated fats, the good cholesterol works in controlling the LDL. It doesn’t mean that fried food in coconut oil is good for health. You need to consume organic coconut oil is small quantity to get valid results. One can also drink coconut oil with coffee to boost weight loss process.

Anti-Aging Agent:

Components like Kinetin, Cytokinins, and trans-zeatin are found in coconut flesh which helps in regeneration of new skin cells. Also, coconut oil locks the moisture in the body and improve skin elasticity making it the best anti-aging oil.

Fights cancer:

Coconut contains anti-cancer properties especially for breast cancer and colon cancer. Also, Coconut water or coconut oil contains a balanced number of anti-oxidants that prevent any cancerous growth in the body.

Healthy hair:

If you have dry hair, split ends or suffering from any scalp infection, then use organic coconut oil which acts as a shield against these diseases. The antifungal and antibacterial properties heal the hair follicles, boost healthy hair growth and Vitamin K gives shine to dull hair.

Stronger Bones:

One of the health benefits of coconut is that it makes your bones stronger if you eat it daily. Coconut also aids the body in absorbing manganese and calcium which is necessary for healthy bone development. In addition to that, consuming coconut prevents osteoporosis in women.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Improve Oral Hygiene:

One can use coconut oil to kill oral bacterial, whiten the teeth and reduce bad breath. The best way is to whiten teeth is by taking one spoon of coconut oil with a pinch of turmeric. Use this paste to scrub the teeth for achieving whiter teeth. Next time, don’t spend loads of money on oral care as one bottle of organic coconut oil will do wonders on your smile.


These are just a few points on coconut oil health benefits. This superfood contains all essential vitamins, minerals, saturated fats, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and zinc. If you know about any other highlighting benefit of coconut, do let us know in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “10 Health Benefits of Coconut Everyone Should Know

  1. This miracle coconut seems to have it all. Anti aging is what caught my eye, but honestly it should definitely be consumed daily. On it.

  2. Just today morning, the news report from BBC arrived claiming how the most recent study Infact suggested coconut oil was good for the ‘Good cholesterol’ levels unlike previously assumed.

  3. Now I can relate why Coconut is considered as ‘lifesaver’ by many survival experts. This post has helped to include coconut in my regular diet. Thank you.

  4. Coconut oil and turmeric for teeth is a new one for me. Similarly did not know it had 61 percent fibre. Being a Goan I totally love coconut in all its forms oil meat and water. Coconut oil is also great for people with dry skin or milk eczema and great for babies to massage jnto skin for stronger bones and soft skin.

  5. Coconut is indeed very good for health. Some of the facts like oral hygiene extra I’ve not know. I always recommend my patients to have coconut especially in first trimester

  6. Coconut is a very beneficial and useful fruit. Good to know so many benefits through your list. A must food item for everyone.

  7. Hey!!!Thanks for sharing the benefits, i used to have so much coconut water when i was pregnant because people told me the child is born healthy and fair πŸ˜› well,i trusted the healthy part not the fair part. Also, this iskeeps the stomach light, my go to drink whenever we are traveling keeps well hydrated and also

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