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Indians are religious people and many days in a year they tend to fast. This also helps keep the system healthy, ensures even distribution of food too.  Today I am showing you a simple yet smart Fasting Menu. This is a very nice and tasty variation for regular Aloo(potato) dish. This aloo sabzi tastes fabulous with yogurt. Very simple and fataafat (quick) recipe! I am sure all will love it.

1) Add ghee and cumin seeds in microwave safe bowl and microwave for 3 mts on high power.

2) Add boiled potato, corasely ground peanuts, green chillies, salt to taste and micorwave for 1 minute.

3) Add chopped corainder leaves and microwave for another minute.

4) Serve hot with Varai bhat(rice), amti(curry) or with just plane yogurt! Your Fasting Dish will be loved by one and all.


1) Add some lemon juice if you want little sour taste to dish.

2) Can also add soaked sago seeds in to it to make sabudana khichdi. This is a pure fasting Dish, but also can be used as normal snacks.

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