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Baby care- Is Baby massage necessary?

 The most important event in a couple’s life is the birth of a baby. When this bundle of joy arrives in the household all the members in the house, including the grandparents, the maternal and paternal uncles of the child and all the womenfolk of the house give the child its undivided attention. Eating, sleeping and work time patterns often change and many rules of the household are broken while keeping baby care as top priority.

IMG-20150605-WA0057All the members want to give the best for the baby so that it grows up and becomes a strong personality in this world and fir to take any challenges which come in front of him or her. IMG-20150605-WA0053As a baby the most important thing one has to look at is the hygiene, feeding habits  and environment along with the bathing and sponging of the child. Along with this the most important aspect of a baby is to have a healthy body growth and strong limbs and in order to do this, parents often use the massage technique for the baby.

IMG-20150605-WA0012For years the controversy has been ON weather a baby should be massaged or not. Over a period of time we have got mixed views on the same and there is still a large section of people supporting NO MASSAGE for the baby. It is now important to analyze why this section of IMG-20150605-WA0027people doesn’t want a Baby massage. Almost 90% of this section are of the view that a maid coming in to do the massage often carries her own oil or uses a mixture component which she has been using for generations which is not clinically approved. They are also worried what effect the Oil used for the massage and the ingredients in it would have on the baby. It is very important to check the oil IMG-20150605-WA0048before buying one from the market. One has to understand that the Oil used by the adults cannot be warmed up a bit and used for the baby as it’s a popular myth that any ordinary oil can be used to massage a baby.

One has to check that the oil is first of all IMG-20150605-WA0021Dermatologically tested for skin safety. It should be clinically approved for use on the baby’s tender skin. It should not have any artificial colors just to attract eye attention. It should have all natural oil blend and most importantly, it should be paraffin’s free.  Ideal Baby massage oil should provide nourishment to the baby’s skin and gently moisturize it to make the skin supple and soft. The baby oil IMG-20150605-WA0017would be best if it’s a mixture of Sesame, Olive, Almond & jojoba. These are the best ingredients the baby’s skin would need in the tender age and regular massaging would help strengthen the bones and muscles of the baby. So the choice is up to the parents to choose what they feel is the best for their baby.

I studied a lot about these and got the best for babies IMG-20150411-WA0012 (1278x715) (2)of my loved ones and the feedback they gave was awesome. They had liked Dabur baby Massage oil so much that they planned to continue using it for a while. While it was not IMG-20150605-WA0016possible to give the Dabur Baby Massage Oil sample to all the babies, I have made it a point to post pics of all cute babies who are so adorable always and from my friend circle. Of course the Dabur brand stands as a guarantee for genuinity and promises only the best for its users. Overall a 4.5 rating out of 5 for Dabur Baby Massage oil.

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda.com

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  1. Dabur is a trusted brand and the product sounds good, too. Loved the super-cute pictures 😀

  2. Dabur or parachute or J n J… does that matter? It’s the massage that matters!! I can’t even begin to tell you the amazing times I’ve had bachpan mein… ufff… how can anyone deprive a baby of a massage? 🙂

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