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Sar utha ke jiyo..

After passing out of college, like most of the Individuals, I took up a job and dreamed of being a billionaire some day. Life moved on and after the 9-5 job I had plenty of time to spend with friends and idle out pub hopping or seeing movies.  I never bothered about anything else in life and all what was earned was spent on myself and my dreams.

Eventually I met my partner for life and got married to her. We saw dreams of a better future together and planned a baby. I recollect the day when my son was born and I was so hesitant to hold him in my hands with the fear of dropping him. The moment I took him in my hands, I changed from a boy to a man myself and knew I had to shoulder the responsibility of my child just like my father had shouldered mine. Comparatively my wife was much more comfortable with the baby and handling the boy…natural mother’s instinct maybe. She taught me to handle a baby and eventually with practice, I learned to take care of my child. After his coming in our life, I became more responsible and careful while crossing roads or trying to catch moving trains. I stopped taking unnecessary risks. I also realized eventually that I stopped spending money pub hopping with friends or seeing movies when it was possible to avoid.

As my child grew up, I was worried for his future and wanted to give him the best. I started saving money for his higher studies and realized that bank deposits was not a very profitable option in the long run. There were so many schemes, companies and plans in the market, which kept confusing me for many years and I was hesitant in going in for any one of them. Many friends and relatives suggested many things from Fixed deposits to Chit funds and Stock market to Lottery to get my future secured. A few genuinely concerned did suggest Insurance as an option but since I had never handled Insurance before and never thought about securing future before I was hesitant and skeptical in the beginning. He explained to me that I was a working father exposed to so many risks in day to life and why I should Invest in Insurance to secure the future of my child just in case something happened to me.

I was then introduced by a friend to HDFC Life click to insure which impressed me a lot and I researched some more from the net. HDFC Life offers a wide range of plans and helped me choose the one suited my needs of a Child plan and life insurance. Online buying of the plan was simpler than I thought. Now they have HDFC Life App which allows me to pay premiums in a click. I have learned from my experience that Insurance is crucial, now you need to buy it online with HDFC Life  if you already have not.

The way a mother takes care of the child, HDFC Life also helped me take care of my decision about the future of my child. They offered me a wide range of plans and just to avoid me being confused, they assisted me in buying the right plan with the help of chats and calls from their friendly customer care executives who also helped me with the Online insurance calculator. Once I had learned how to use the Insurance premium calculator, they also helped me with the co-browsing to fill the form. Not only that, I was guided properly to use the online features to manage funds, paying premiums, etc and I got confident of handling my policy and its premium payments just like I had handled my child post his birth.

Please check all options while taking insurance, compare and buy what best suits your needs. Insurance..Yes..#YehBhiOnline


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