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Negative Dips – Chest & Triceps

The most important tip in any fitness excersice is to take your body to the Limits and keep telling yourself “no Pain”. The boxing rounds of the Movie Series Rocky (Sly Stallone) inspires me a lot during work-outs. His trainer and he himself keep telling his mind “No Pain” in between two rounds even as he has a bloodied face and a dripping nose and a torn eyelid. So he gets up everytime and keeps fighting.  The reason to mention this here is to get you guys in the right attitude which will actually help you in the Gym to strech your limits and push further. Afterall Body ‘building’ is all about pushing yourself further than your normal Limits.

So lets Start:

We all do the conventional Dips for Chest and Triceps in a dipping bar, here is a bit different one which most of us dont do.

Keep two benches behind the dip bars so that the bench ends are directly under the handles and the benches run parallel to the bars.

Stand on them with the weight hanging between your legs. Remove your feet from the benches and lower yourself down.

Instead of allowing your feet to go down to the ground, rest your toes on the benches but dont take help from it to rest your body.

When you reach the bottom, stand up on the benches back to the starting position and repeat. You can allow your feet to go all the way to ground if you want but remember to climb back up onto the bench again in same manner.

If you are doing dips for chest, that is how you’re going to do it. For chest dips you should be hunched over with legs under you or in front of you.

Weighted Dip negatives can be done with extremely heavy weight. It is also possible to do them as partials or as lockout holds. This technique is one of the best ways to gain mass and strength in the triceps, chest and shoulders very quickly.

Use a dumbell between the feet. Place a bench behind the dipping bars, then place a heavy dumbell on its end on top. Get your hands into position on the dipping bars then hook your ankles around the handle of the dumbell. Swing it up and off into position then lower slowly. At the bottom, release the dumbell, pick it up and put it back on the bench. Repeat till you cant get up anymore..:)

I see many youngsters pampering their bodies so much in the Gym and half their focus is on how they look in the mirror while doing an excersice. This actually kills the motive of working out as the attention is divided and their muscles never get 110% pressure. So my advice today to all is stay focussed in the gum, push till you reach your limits and do that ONE EXTRA REPETITION to increase your physical capacity. Keep telling your mind “No Pain”…:)

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