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Mamma’s Day out..

It was Christmas eve and I was home incidentally. Little did I know what was in store for me that night. My wife and her friends had decided to make it a total ladies night out and so the plans had already been made. I was handed over the charge of the house, including our baby and I knew the same moment that I was in for deep trouble. Since my wife had decided to go out with her friends the first time after delivering a baby, I did not have the heart to refrain her from going.

So here I was doing household chores to the best of my ability and I quickly finished most of them since I was pretty used to all the stuff in my bachelor days. The washing machine was done, the cooking part happened in a jiffy and the keeping of books etc in order took a  little longer as I myself am very unorganized in these matters. I made sure I had made ample food for myself and did not want to step inside the kitchen again for cooking.

So I took the TV remote and started watching some Hollywood flicks and smiled with a sense of relief. Since the next day was a working day, I did not bother to call any of my friends to my house and rather preferred staying alone. Since the baby was asleep all these hours, my life was at ease. By the time I finished my dinner and cleaned up the kitchen table, the baby was up and raring to go. So he started with a short cry followed by a long one and I knew my troubles had just started. I ran to him and checked his clothes, he had wet his clothes and I immediately sponged him with warm water and changed his clothes. I used some small bell toys to keep him engaged and said some stupid things my way to grab his attention. I did succeed there and he was pretty involved looking at my histrionics. Maybe he was wondering at the back of his mind somewhere “Has dad gone nuts? Why is he doing all these monkey tricks?”

I nevertheless did not let the tempo go and made him clap and laugh for about half an hour. He soon started crying and I check his clothes again and the same result, they were wet. I again changed him and this continued till almost 11pm after every 20-30 minutes. I knew that if this continued the whole night my sleep would go for a toss. Since he had slept well in the day time, he decided to stay awake in his cradle for the whole night, at least it seemed so. I made one final effort to put him to sleep and then gave up. Since my wife had asked me to put a diaper on him, I did that obediently before midnight and quickly resigned to bed hoping to catch a few hours sleep and get up somewhere at 2.30-3.00 am to change his diaper once he would start crying.

I woke up with the chirping of birds and the morning rays coming in on me directly. I woke up with a startle and checked my watch, it was 7am in the morning. The baby was sleeping peacefully in his cradle and I had actually not got up even once to check him. I felt ashamed and asked God to forgive my deep sleep and moved closer to my baby to check his clothes, I was surprised to see that the diaper was dry. I slowly removed the soft diaper and checked the inner side, it was dry too, though the weight of the diaper had increased.  I knew that the baby had peed a few times at least, but somehow the diaper was dry from inside too. Just out of curiosity, I checked the pocket of the diaper and was smiling after I saw that it was the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants which had given me complete sound sleep. I made it a point to note down the details and made a mental note that we would use Pampers Baby Dry pants for our baby till he needed it in future. I am sure every Dad who has to do my kind of role in his life at some point in time will agree to what I experienced.

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