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Khanabadosh Food Truck- Review

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Khanabadosh is the first Food truck of Navi Mumbai. It is generally parked near the Jalvayu Bus Depot of Kharghar and serves Pure veg North Indian food. This food review happens only because I wanted to taste the new launch. The owner Mr. Dev Tiwari has done an extensive research over 8 months before launching this concept and has started a venture called Khanabadosh Foods Pvt Ltd. He is present at the joint most of the times and gives a personal touch to the menu suggestion for food bloggers like me.

FT 2


Khanabadosh Food Truck is parked on the main road near Jalvayu Bus depot at Sector 20, Kharghar and is easily visible while traveling. The food Truck is set-up in a fashion that it is visible to all vehicles. Ample open space with seating is available near the Truck. You can see what is available on the Menu cards posted on the Truck Doors and Windows. The cleanliness is okay and the food seemed to be hygienic.

FT 3

FT 1


Being a Notrth Indian Food promoting Truck, the bifurcation is 60:40 for parcels/Home deliveries against walk-in customers. Most customers are new who love to try something new, looking at the Food Truck. The specialty of the place has always been the  Chole Bhature, The Veg Biryani and Dahi wada, which the owner recommended us to eat. I called in the Chef and asked him to give me a tasting of what he felt would be a complete meal and he suggested the same. That’s my policy when I am trying something new.

We started with the Chiole Bhature straight from the Kadhai. The Bhatura making is visible to all and it is always prepared fresh. The chole is kept in Bain Mary (Hot Waterbath) and is hot too. I would rank the taste as good, but the quantity as average as the Chole was not ample for the two Bhatura served.Either the price and quantity should be increased or only the quantity, unless they presume someone would order one more.

Bhatura 1

Bhatura 2


Next I was given the Veg Biryani. This is a mild preparation and neither too spicy nor too bland. My problem again is the quantity. Either the price and quantity should be increased or the quantity alone. The simple reason is people come in a Food Truck for Lunch or Dinner and expect sumptuous quantity. The dishes nowhere are stomach filling.

Veg Biryani

After the Veg Biryani, the Dahi Wada followed, which was good in taste and the Dahi (yogurt) too was fresh and chilled with the appropriate chutneys with the right proportion. I found the price higher because the same quantity and quality is served at a nearby Joint called Bikaner for Rs.30/-

Dahi wada

I have to try the Paneer Kaleji and the Mushroom Kaleji during the evening times as Mr.Dev Tiwari has recommended these as specialty dishes at par with the Non-veg taste. So @foodietweeter will visit this Food Truck some day during the evening out food trail..

Plus and Minus

The cleanliness is decent, though I would expect a Uniform, chef caps, etc. for the staff on a Food truck. Having said that I would also say that you can enjoy the open space arrangement with your group/ friends without much disturbance of the Traffic and a quick service.

Khanabadosh Food Truck: Near Jalvayu Bus Depot, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Meal For 2:  400/-

Timings:  8.30am to 2.00pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Ratings:   Food – 3.5    Service-4.0     Decor 3.0

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    1. Actually almost all dishes are new. Specificially veg kebab paratha, mushroom and pander kalegi.
      Yes dahi wada is too delicious and good for health too.
      Hygienically maintened

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