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One of the main reasons why people give up on cardio is it is beyond boring! Moreover, with regular cardio it takes too long to see results to persevere through the boredom. Fortunately there are several alternatives that offer more variety, are more challenging, and produce faster results. I am going to cover three highly effective fat loss programs here in every post of mine.

 Peripheral Heart Action P.H.A. stands for “Peripheral Heart Action”. PHA is basically an intense form of connected training in which you group several exercises together that work the entire body. One needs to focus on compound exercises and to move from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible. Feel free to take one-minute breaks in the beginning between each exercise and reduce the breaks gradually over time until you are not resting at all in between each set and reach a level where you do all your sets without break. Stamina built to the peaks.!! In addition to being a fantastic program for fat loss and muscular endurance, this is also very effective for strength training. If fat loss and endurance are your main goals then try doing three PHA workouts per week. Take a day off in between each workout. For example, do the workouts on M-W-F. Avoid doing additional cardio on the days off. If your goal is strength and size then try doing two full body workouts per week and two moderate PHA workouts per week. “Moderate” means “not more than one group”. Do the workouts on Monday and Thursday and the PHA workouts on Tuesday and Friday. See the difference…feel the strength.!!…:)

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