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Dishwasher – The future of healthy eating.

Healthy and Hygienic eating habits

In my journey of promoting fitness and healthy foods, I have been inspired by many other smaller factors. These include punctuality, balanced diet, types of easily available foods and so on. These factors help to give finesse to the healthy foods practice one follows. They also help the individual in achieving his/her goal faster than others. While I have been improvising recipes, researching nutritional content in various foods, process of cooking and eventually serving them, I noticed that the post eating phase is important when it comes to our cookware/dishware/bakeware. DishwasherThis is when I saw the importance of a dishwasher. This is when I figured out that a dishwasher plays an important role in enhancing the hygiene part of the process of eating healthy foods.


We generally tend to give the cookware/bakeware to the maid. She does her part and leaves as she has many more households to attend to. In some cases we do the dishes ourselves. Overall we are using a manual process of cleaning the cookware/dishes. This is not a 100% hygienic way and often leaves the dishwashing powder residue on the cookware/bakeware unseen to naked eyes. To overcome this issue and to ensure a near clean and hygienic approach, we use the dishwashers. A dishwasher is a mechanical device used for cleaning dishware and cutlery.

Unlike manual dishwashing, which relies largely on physical scrubbing to remove soiling, the mechanical dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water at a set range of temperature, at the dishes. A mixture of water and dishwasher detergent is pumped to one or more rotating spray arms, which blast the dishes with the cleaning mixture. Once the washing is done, the water is drained. Then some more hot water is pumped in and a rinse cycle begins. After the rinse cycle finishes and the water is drained, the dishes are dried. This is done using one of several drying methods. Typically a rinse aid is used to eliminate water spots for streak-free dishes and glassware.


The dishwasher market is relatively untapped in India with just 0.5% penetration. Over the coming years, the dishwashers will definitely find a better market. As more and more are getting aware of nutrition and fitness, they have started eating healthy foods. Also the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in food has come up majorly. This we can see now with more people going to shops and malls to buy their greens and reds. Many have now stopped visiting roadside vendors selling in unhygienic conditions near open nallahs. So eventually the importance of a dishwasher will be realized by the masses. I personally recommend using a dishwasher for all your day to day needs of washing the dishes, kadhai etc.


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14 thoughts on “Dishwasher – The future of healthy eating.

  1. Loved this detailed coverage. Bosch has always been a reliable brand. I am sure their dishwasher will be one of the best. I will explore this more in next 2 months as I will need one for my home.

  2. It’s impressive that dish washing is gone through so many cycle of different washing methods. This definitely ensure hygiene at every level. Indeed Bosh dishwasher is best and promising.

  3. I have used dishwasher when we were outside India but never really used them and n India. I was always confused about the brands. Your post is very helpful for any one planning to buy one.

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