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Descending Sets Program

Now, lets move to the “Descending Sets Program.” Here is how the program works. Pick a ballistic exercise such as Dumbbell Cleans, Dumbbell Swings, or Dumbbell Snatches. I prefer to do these exercises with kettlebells but dumbbells will suffice if that is all you have.

You will impress the opposite sex with this..:) Do a set of fifteen reps in the first set and then take a short break. Do another set of fifteen reps and take another short break. Then do a set of twelve reps. As the program continues the reps decrease and you will huffing and puffing like a locomotive after a few sets.

A worthy goal that will take some time and have a major payoff in serious fat loss and increased muscular endurance. Try adding two “Descending sets” workouts to your regimen per week if you want to add some endurance and fat loss work to your program. If your main goal is fat loss, then try three “Descending Sets” workouts per week and one full body strength-training program per week. The end of a boring cardio programs is upon us. These were the three programs for trainees that are bored to death with standard cardio programs. Pick one of these programs and work on it, when you get tired of one program, rotate it with another one. Be creative and innovative with these workouts and have a good time. If you find the programs too hard, just leave a question in the comment section and I will guide you.


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