November 3, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 4

  Mix well the flour, chilly powder, black pepper powder, soy sauce, vinegar, tomato puree, ginger, garlic, and salt. Add the chicken pieces to this marinade and marinate it covered for 4 hours in a refrigerator / 2 hours if outside refrigerator. Heat oil in a fry pan till very […]

Fish Cutlet

November 2, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 1

                  First  Clean and wash fish. put some salt on it. Chop fine onions, coriander, chilies separately. Soak bread slices in water for some time, then squeeze water and keep aside. In case you are using Potatoes Boil and mash. Beat egg. Keep this all […]

6 Layer Pakistani Mutton Biryani

November 1, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

The famous 6 Layer Pakistani Biryani Recipe               Take a large pan (2 Liter capacity) Add 4 Tablespoon of Oil and heat.  Add 8 Medium Onions sliced straight and cook till Translucent. Add Goat Meat (1000gms) cut in approx 1 inch cubes. Stir. Add […]

Butter/Charcoal Chicken

October 9, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 14

  I will start a Post here wih a Recipe I love to make and I am sure people across globe like this Indian non-veg preparation. Lets have some BUTTER CHICKEN/ CHARCOAL CHICKEN… Take 500 gms of Boneless chicken if you are fond of Boneless or 1 kg of normal […]