Descending Sets Program

December 1, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Now, lets move to the “Descending Sets Program.” Here is how the program works. Pick a ballistic exercise such as Dumbbell Cleans, Dumbbell Swings, or Dumbbell Snatches. I prefer to do these exercises with kettlebells but dumbbells will suffice if that is all you have. You will impress the opposite […]

High Octane Cardio

November 30, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

HOC, which stands for High Octane Cardio. HOC is brutal and not for the weak heart. Meaning that literally and figuratively. If you have high blood pressure, you want to clear this program with your doctor as your heart rate is going to go through the roof with HOC training […]


November 28, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

One of the main reasons why people give up on cardio is it is beyond boring! Moreover, with regular cardio it takes too long to see results to persevere through the boredom. Fortunately there are several alternatives that offer more variety, are more challenging, and produce faster results. I am […]

Mashed Brinjal (Baingan Bharta)

November 27, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

    Take a large Brinjal (750 gms) approx. Wash under running Tap. Make some slash (deep cuts) in the same. Put it on medium flame to roast. Once the outer skin dries up, the roasting is done. Remove from the fire and peel it clean. Take care to peel only […]

Negative Dips – Chest & Triceps

November 24, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

The most important tip in any fitness excersice is to take your body to the Limits and keep telling yourself “no Pain”. The boxing rounds of the Movie Series Rocky (Sly Stallone) inspires me a lot during work-outs. His trainer and he himself keep telling his mind “No Pain” in […]

Chicken Kheema (Mince)

November 23, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

  Chop Onions, Tomatoes and Potato into fine pieces. Keep aside. Take Ginger, Garlic 75% of the corriander bunch ( leaves) and Green chili together in a Grinder and make paste. Keep aside. Heat Oil in Pan. Add Mustard seeds. Add Turmeric Powder. Stir Add Onions and fry till transluscent. […]

Mumbai Pav Bhaji

November 22, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

One more Street food of Mumbai and many other cities – the MUMBAI PAV BHAJI. Pressure cook Potatoes, Green Peas and Cauliflower together. Once at room temperature mash all three together to a fine paste. Keep aside the paste. Heat Five Tbsp Oil in a Pan. Add finely cut Onions and […]

Tawa Prawns

November 21, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

Clean the prawns (de-shelved and deveined) Apply juice of 1 lemon on prawns and add salt and turmeric to it. Keep aside for marinade for 30 minutes. Heat little oil in a pan.  Put mustard once the Oil is heated. Add curry leaves. Stir. Add onions and fry until golden […]

Jain Bhindi Fry ( Lady Finger Fry)

November 20, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Heat oil in Pan. Add Mustard, Cumin and curry leaves (5-6). Stir Add turmeric 1 teaspoon and asafoetida. Stir Add cut pieces of the Lady finger. Stir and mix well. Top it with Cumin and Corriander powder. Then add Red chili powder.  Stir. Add salt as per requirement and 5-6 […]

Diwali Special

November 11, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 1

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali…:) May it bring all the happiness, joy and peace in your Life.   UK   Uttpal K Copyright © Uttpal K 1. If you share this post, please give due credit to the author Uttpal K 2. Please DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Please DO NOT […]