Green Chili Chicken

January 2, 2013 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

  Mix Chilies, coriander, garlic, ginger, fresh cream and make a paste. Marinade about 1000 gms chicken with the same and leave aside overnight in fridge or 4 hours outside fridge if you have put for marinade early morning. Remember to pour the Vinegar over the marinade before you leave […]

Pizza Sauce

December 18, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Take a cooking bowl and place the tomatoes. Put water just to cover the Tomatoes. Boil on a medium flame for 5 mins. Cover the bowl and turn off the Gas. Keep covered for anther 5 mins. Remove the skin and the seeds and make Puree of the tomatoes. Put […]

Kidzie Biscuit Cake

December 10, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Hey guys, I am back after a busy week-end. Many friends poured in and I traveled a lot too. This is probably the first cooking done by my daughter (my niece), So I take great pride in introducing to you all, her recipe to make a Biscuit Cake. I tasted […]

Tawa Tomatina

December 5, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 6

This is a Fusion for my favorite bachcha company including my son. They love this a lot. Take Oil in a pan (preferable Iron Tawa). Add Mustard seeds and Turmeric powder. Add Straight cut Onion and fry till Golden brown on medium flame. Add Garlic Paste and fry for another minute. Add Cut […]

Aaloo Tikki ( Potato cutlet)

December 3, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Hey friends, I have been having a lower back pain for last 3 days due to the extra weights I put on in the Gym to do a Hyperextension set. That day the back had gone for a complete toss, but now I have recovered almost 70%. That was the […]

Descending Sets Program

December 1, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Now, lets move to the “Descending Sets Program.” Here is how the program works. Pick a ballistic exercise such as Dumbbell Cleans, Dumbbell Swings, or Dumbbell Snatches. I prefer to do these exercises with kettlebells but dumbbells will suffice if that is all you have. You will impress the opposite […]

High Octane Cardio

November 30, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

HOC, which stands for High Octane Cardio. HOC is brutal and not for the weak heart. Meaning that literally and figuratively. If you have high blood pressure, you want to clear this program with your doctor as your heart rate is going to go through the roof with HOC training […]


November 28, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

One of the main reasons why people give up on cardio is it is beyond boring! Moreover, with regular cardio it takes too long to see results to persevere through the boredom. Fortunately there are several alternatives that offer more variety, are more challenging, and produce faster results. I am […]

Mashed Brinjal (Baingan Bharta)

November 27, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

    Take a large Brinjal (750 gms) approx. Wash under running Tap. Make some slash (deep cuts) in the same. Put it on medium flame to roast. Once the outer skin dries up, the roasting is done. Remove from the fire and peel it clean. Take care to peel only […]

Negative Dips – Chest & Triceps

November 24, 2012 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

The most important tip in any fitness excersice is to take your body to the Limits and keep telling yourself “no Pain”. The boxing rounds of the Movie Series Rocky (Sly Stallone) inspires me a lot during work-outs. His trainer and he himself keep telling his mind “No Pain” in […]