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Burgundy Box – A Review

Scene 1 :

A working couple comes home after a tiring day at the Office. They have decided not to go to a restaurant to eat, instead they have decided to cook at home. The loving couple freshens up and go to the kitchen. The couple first removes the veggies/meat from the fridge, wash and defrost them, then get to chopping. Once the chopping is done, both try and figure out a recipe and make a meal out of it for the two of them which takes about an hour. Finally they have their meal and hit the bed as exhausted souls with a sense of relief that they enjoyed a home cooked meal. They of course don’t have a Burgundy Box at their home.

Scene 2:

(The Burgundy box): A working couple comes home after a tiring day at the Office. They have decided not to go to a restaurant to eat, instead they have decided to cook at home. The loving couple freshens up and hits the kitchen. They take out the Burgundy boxes kept in the fridge. Once the magic box is opened, it has all the ingredients needed to cook a dish washed/ chopped/diced/ boiled/measured in small pouches and containers. Along with it is a list giving the ingredient name and all numbered. On the reverse side is a detailed step by step recipe telling which ingredient to be added in numeric order. The couple just heats a Skillet/Pan and follow the instructions.

Their fresh dinner is ready in just 15 minutes, which both relish and eat. Post lunch, both go out for a long drive and an Ice-cream. Finally, during bed time they sleep with a sense of relief that they enjoyed a home cooked meal and satisfaction that they did not tire themselves at all with the chopping and recipe construction and worrying about tasting the dishes to adjust the taste. All thanks to Burgundybox.

Given the above two scenes, which would you ideally like to be in? The answer would be simple..Burgundy box of course..!!

What is Burgundybox?

A freshly prepared (DIY) Do it Yourself meal kit is a Burgundy Box. Its also called BurgunDIY Box at times. Typicall comes in 2 broad categories: Veg and Non-Veg.

The veg section comprises of the following:

Albukhara Kofte – 390/-
Mezze Platter – 350/-
Wok Fried Chinese Greens with Soy Sauce – 370/-
Subz Tawa Pulao – 280/-
Macaroni & Cheese with Corn & Mushrooms – 350/-
Pasta Arrabiata – 350/-
Thai Fried Rice with Vegetables – 310/-
Shanghai Burnt Garlic Rice – 290/-
Crunchy Arabic Pomegranate Salad – 310/-
Bhuna Paneer Lazeez – 390/-
Vilayati Kadai Subz – 360/-
BBQ Paneer Steaks – 400/-
Minestrone Soup – 240/-
Khatta Meetha Bharwaan Paneer -260/-
Cajun Spiced Vegetable Taco – 280/-
Javanese Paneer and Vegetable Satay – 240/-
Pita Breads – 30/-
Parathas -30/-
Garlic Crostini -60/-

The Non-Veg section comprises of the following:

Chicken Tikka Ceasar Wrap – 350/-
Macaroni & Cheese with corn & Chicken – 350/-
Chicken Tikka Pulao – 330/-
Thai Fried Rice with Chicken – 340/-
Pasta Puttenesca – 350/-
Chicken Chettinad Curry – 430/-
Egg Chettinad Curry – 310/-
Surkh Murgh Tikka Masala – 410/-
Moroccan Chicken Steaks – 410/-
Basil, Chicken & Corn Soup – 280/-
Jerk Spiced Chicken Taco – 280/-
Indonesian Chicken Satay – 280/-
Pita Breads – 30/-
Parathas -30/-
Garlic Crostini -60/-

They currently serve Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Andheri, Powai, Chandivali, Bandra (west), Santacruz (west) and Khar(west). They plan to deliver all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane by end of this year.

The Burgundy Box

It was started on June 23, 2015 with a team of 10 people and they are currently working with a dedicated team of 18. Chef Ajay Chopra (foodfood.com and Masterchef fame) heads this project. The Other 3 pillars of the Burgundy Box are Vivek Mehra who in the past has been a Senior Investment Banker,  Sandip Singh an IITian who brings in wealth of analytic and also a part of the Private Equity Funds and last but not the least Shabnam Mehra, a Life coach and an Ex-hotelier and an Ex-Banker. They had no one to motivate them. They inspired themselves, their inspiration came from within  and together they manage Burgudy Box well and are growing slowly but firmly.

The Contest:

I happened to enter a twitter contest and luckily won it too. I had till then only read about the Burgundy box and never had thought of exploring the topic further. As soon as I won the contest, I got a prompt message asking me to give the delivery details. I gave them and waited for the prize to come. In the meanwhile Chef Ajay Chopra made it a point to message me personally and asked which particular dishes I would like to try. I was told I had won 2 Burgundy Boxes as my Prize. I requested him to send me a Veg selection of his choice. He sent me Subz Tawa Pulao and Vilayati Kadai Subz as his choice from the veg Menu. The delivery boy came in with the boxes and also gave the instruction on using the contents on the same day or on the next day if refrigerated.

The Boxes arrived:

I decided to make the two dishes and the results were very satisfactory. The box when opened had all the ingredients marked and kept separately in plastic pouches and boxes. They were all indexed and there was an ingredient list included inside.
The back side of the Ingredient list had a step by step explanation, easy to follow and Do It Yourself. Now I understood what the Chef meant by DIY. So my dishes were ready in less than 15 mins and I used only the cooking stove, Skillet and a spoon, to mix all the ingredients. Everything including the oil and the salt was there in the Burgundy Box.

The Pricing:

The pricing of the boxes has been done economically and the customer does not feel overpriced. The quantity is ample for 2 people and I am sure they will be full. The pricing is fantastic. The packaging is perfect and hygiene is taken care of. Most importantly Chef Ajay Chopra gives a personal touch to all the dishes making it tastier. Chef Ajay Chopra needs no Introduction and the Ex-Masterchef Judge has left no stone un-turned to ensure the best coming in the Burgundy box. I am sure he will be a tough competition for his other competitors in the same business. I will be exploring other such services too, and over a period of time give you all insights on them too.

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58 thoughts on “Burgundy Box – A Review

        1. Yes Sunita, and a healthy one too. The quantity of oil is so less and yet the dish comes out so well. I am impressed(it happens rarely) with the entire stuff of Burgundy Box..

    1. Yes Pragati. I am sure this will encourage many to cook. I just hope they spread this across more areas and not restrict themselves. 🙂

  1. This is such a unique concept and kudos to Chef Ajay for coming up with it. I think in today’s fast paced world this is much needed and it comes as a boon for us ladies who are supposed to be the cooking experts!
    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic review UK… must say your posts are very enlightening indeed, buddy! 🙂 Cheers

    PS – I love the name – burgundy box 🙂

  2. This is so good! What a shame such services are not available in my town! The name was so intriguing I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on it! 😀
    Nice Review, Uttpal! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I remember this as KK our web developer told us about it. he developed the interface of same.

    Apparently this isn’t the only box of its kind in India, there are two more- One that is closed Spice 49 and other is Chef.in

    I was planning to try one of these and review them on my blog..lets see.. happy to see it getting launched.

    Good concept!

    1. Yeah, KK is still working with us. Because of wizardry skills in technology our kitchen is able to operate smooth like butter :p

      Why don’t you give it a try – burgundybox.in/shop we have recently launched Thai Curry Kit.

  4. Man! This looks awesome! It would be a boon to get these boxes in the US Indian grocery stores as opposed to those useless Haldiram crap that we get. Why don’t you tie up with some wholesale grocery exporters and get your stuff out to the US market? Believe me, LOTS of IT professionals live as bachelors who would love to get their hands on this stuff!

    And yes, I do love the name Burgundy Box!

    1. I will surely pass this info to my friend Chef Ajay Chopra and see what he can do about it.. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Desh..honored.. 🙂

  5. Wow! Amazing! What an innovative idea. Love the concept and it is win-win situation for moms like me who are conscious about food eaten outside. I am sure this will initiate people to cook from home and a great boon for people staying away from family to eat home cooked food. I love to take it up but then when are we going to see Burgundy box in Chennai. Trust me it will do a lot well here as there is a strong current of conservancy that insists on home cooked food here.

    Nice of you to write this post UK.


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